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History in the making at Batlokoa Great Place, Tlokoeng.

Today, the 30th of June 2022, history was made at Hillgate (Batlokoa Traditional Council), Tlokoeng (Mount Fletcher), South Africa by the honourable Deputy Minister Ms Maggie Sotyu, from the Department of Forests, Fisheries and the Environment, handing over three plantations, viz. Lehana, Fort Usher and Makhoba Plantations to be under the community rule. This was the first of its kind in South Africa.

From now on, these plantations will be under the control of the communities surrounding them. However, the government will still work hand in hand with those communities by assisting and training them to produce good quality trees that will produce excellent products.

Chief Makhoba from Matatiele and his communities

 came to Tlokoeng (Mount Fletcher) in several mini buses to grace the event and sign the receiving of their plantation, he was welcomed by his excellency, Chief Montoeli Tyrone Lehana. Elundini Municipality, Honourable Mayor Leteba and her office also graced the event, with Clr Nqodi steering the ceremony from the beginning to the end.

This was the project driven by Mrs Mbananga and Mr Matodzi, both from the Department of Forests, Fisheries and the Environment, numerous visits to the Batlokoa Traditional Council were embarked on and this was not always an easy ride, this took many years to reach today’s final stage since 1998 when the application was submitted.

The Honourable Deputy Minister Sotyu strongly reiterated that trees are very important. They give us the shelter, fruits, beauty and cleaner air to breathe. Therefore, each home needs to have at least one fruit tree, target is ten million trees to be planted by the end of her term. These are efforts to mitigate global warming which is ravaging our country and the world, with the latest heavy flooding experienced in Kwazulu Natal and Cape Town.

Chief Montoeli Lehana also welcomed the king of the Khoisan, honourable King Kok from the East Griqualand. They have also requested the transfer of the plantations to their community within the East Griqualand.

Mr James Ballantyne, who is currently consulting at the Chevy Chase forest project, has volunteered to assist with Lehana and Fort Usher plantations.

The entire community was in a very joyous mood to receive these plantations. We all hope that they will be put them into good use with little to no disputes within themselves.

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Agroforestry the sustainable way at Chevy Chase

February 23, 2022

The Chevy Chase leadership group, with James Ballantyne of Umsonti in the front row extreme right.

An agroforestry approach is providing a rural Eastern Cape community with a chance to develop and farm their land more productively, creating jobs, skills and opportunities along the way …

Chevy Chase is the unlikely name for a rural Eastern Cape community located between Mount Fletcher and Maclear (now Nqanqa Rhu). Like many rural communities in South Africa the people of Chevy Chase have access to ancestral land but very few job opportunities as they are far from markets and have little or no infrastructure. As a result the local economy is based on subsistence agriculture. However over-grazing has reduced the potential of the land to support livestock, while rampant alien plant invasion is further eroding agricultural potential and using up precious water resources.

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Greetings to my friends and colleagues. Hontang. I extend my appreciation to our Honorable Dikgosi/Marena from LIMPOPO, GAUTENG, NORTH WEST, FREE STATE, KWAZULU-NATAL, ZIMBABWE, WESTERN CAPE, MPUMALANGA, KINGDOM OF LESOTHO, NORTHERN CAPE and EASTERN CAPE and their respective people and members of the REC for gracing our event on Batlokoa Pilgimage, Heritage, Renaissance and Reunion which took place yesterday on the 19 March 2022 at HILL GATE GREAT PLACE in TLOKOENG district. I further convey my sincere gratitude to DIKGOSI/MARENA/IINKOSI both in the area of jurisdiction of BATLOKOA TRADITIONAL COUNCIL and under BAKOENA, LOWER TSITSANA, UPPER TSITSANA,and AMAHLUBI TRADITIONAL COUNCILS and to our LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE members especially service providers i.e. CATERERS and SPONSORS for making this event a great success. It was a history in the making to celebrate this occasion. We are proud of you Batlokoa. I hope you have reached your respective destinations safely. I once again thank you so much for your attendance and support on behalf of the people of Tlokoeng and our Dikgosi/ Marena in the Eastern Cape.

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Hontang Batlokoa ba batle Maapara Nkoe a ho beha peo bana ba Nkhaulise. Ba mankha lefotha le mohla ho sa hlajoang ba Motonosi Seeala ha se ea khaoha se entse lehohoba. Mohla 19 MARCH 2022 hoseng ka 9 retla keteka letsatsi la bochaba, bonono, nalane le poelano ea sechaba sa Batlokoa kakakaretso likhutlong tse nne tsa lefatshe. Mona re tla eteloa ke Marena a sehloho a tsoang lihaneng tsa Kingdom of Lesotho, Botswana le Zimbabwe. Retla thabela boteng ba baahi ba Afrika Boroa -South Africa hammoho le baetapele ba bona. Mokete ona o ntshetsapele khoeletso ea Marena a rona le lititimi tsa rona ea ho kopanya sechaba sa Batlokoa le merabe eo ba phelang le oona ka khotso. Lifaqane tse qhalakantseng merabe ea Basotho,

Batlokoa le emeng merabe ene e siee likarohano sechabeng sa Rantsho mona Afrika Boroa. Ke kopa bontate, bomme le bacha batlo keteka ka thabo le rona mona Moreneng Hill GATE GREAT PLACE mohla 19 MARCH. Re memme Matona a Mmuso oa rona oa ANC le metsoalle. Linonyana litla lula batho mme le khoho e tla matha ka lerapo thabeng. Ke kopa sechaba setle ka bongata le mekhatlo ea lipapali ka ho fapana : Batlokoa, Bakoena, aMampondomise, aMahlubi, merabe kaofela e phelang naheng ea TLOKOENG. Re le apehetse qhaqhabola, lipolokoe, motoho, naha, le tse ling lijo tsa Basotho. Ke ea leboha. Pula Khotso Nala. Ke nna Morena Montoeli Tyrone Lehana setloholoana sa morena Lehana mora Sekonyela naheng ea TLOKOENG Lekhotleng la BATLOKOA TRADITIONAL COUNCIL HALL . Khotso Pula Nala.


Finalizing the event



Today, 25th May 2021 Batlokoa Traditional Council welcomed Two Mountains, proudly a South African Group of Companies operating both the Financial and Burial services industry in over 40 locations across 4 provinces.

Their growing footprint spans across Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

With over 1300 employees, Two Mountains serves customers, partners and communities with affordable funeral cover and quality funeral services.  They are working closely with traditional leaders and they have visited them while they still have a long list of visits ahead of them to various traditional leaders nationally. Please click here for photos

His Excellency Honourable Chief Montoeli Tyrone Lehana



It was a historic day when Chevy Chase community was signing the DEED of Trust document on February 13, 2020 at Hill Gate, Mount Fletcher under the watchful eye of their leader Chief Montoeli Lehana.  Timber from Chevy Chase Project is taken to NCT Durban Wood Chips, and they export their products to India, Taiwan, Japan and China.


Access the full project here


Let's Go Shopping at Mount Fletcher!

A shopping mall openning soon!

Chief Montoeli Lehana and his delegation went to Maclear Municipality on February 12, 2020 to join a presentation by the developer for Mount Fletcher mall. It was presented in the main boardroom with both the Mayor and the Municipal Manager present.  This will be briniging a new dawn to this historic little town that does not have essential services like fully featured banks, sewer system, etc.  The presentation was highly welcomed with clear timelines for the life of the project as reflected below here.

Mount Fletcher Shopping Centre:  Picture - Courtesy by Siwalala Property Holdings


Picture - Courtesy by Siwalala Property Holdings

We are very excited about this development, people will stop having to travel to Maclear or Matatiele for their banking requirements and shopping.


This was an official handing over of equipments such as sewing machines, freezers, fridges, laptops, water tanks, gas stoves with gas cylinders, folding tables, grass cutters, photo copy machines, microwaves, chairs, cooking pots, fencing material, just to mention a few, to 96 local SMMES like street vendors, caterers, members of community primary cooperatives etc.
We received funding from a new branch of DTI called INFORMAL MICRO ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. Each business venture received equipment worth R10000 (ten thousand rand).  The event took place at HILL GATE TSEKONG LOCALITY at BATLOKOA TRADITIONAL COUNCIL HALL on the 13th December 2019 at 10am. The official who officially handed over the equipments to SMMES and who represented the Department was Mr Moshoeshoe.
He was working hand in glove with Miss Lulama Benesh who is our partner in community development.  Mr Moshoeshoe is a bonafide resident of Matatiele.  Miss Lulama Benesh is a bonafide of Mount Fletcher District and a resident of Moroka Locality in the administrative area of Castle Rocks. It was really an awesome event. We commend our ANC led government.
By Chief Montoeli Lehana



Joala Boholo Preparations by Morena Ntoa Sekonyela 2018


Nalane ya Batlokoa ka Ntate Nkherepe Tsoho, Mount Fletcher


Another delivery, woodwork machines for one of the cooperatives registered at Mt Fletcher, Batlokoa Traditional Council under Chief Montoeli Tyrone Lehana

The three heavy industrial machines received.


From left: Morena Montoeli Lehana, Morena Tseko Lehana, Cllr Nkherepe Tsoho, Ntate Mpeke, and others

This is the latest delivery of the machines, namely, Air Compressor, Thickness Planer Machine, and High Precision Woodcutting Sliding Table Saw delivered at Hill Gate, Mt Fletcher on Tuesday 02nd, 2017, other smaller machines are still to follow. This will be a fully-fledged furniture production workshop under the watchful eye of Ntate Mpeke from Mpharane administrative area, a director of a registered cooperative.

The Eastern Cape is characterized as one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. This is largely due to the poverty found in the former homelands, where subsistence agriculture predominates. However, the son of the soil, honourable Chief Montoeli Tyrone Lehana refuses to succumb to this. He has been strongly driving the initiative of registering community cooperatives since 2013 with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Today there are more than 90 cooperatives registered, and some of them have been funded already with tractors including implements, bricklaying machines, furniture manufacturing machines, just to mention a few.

Today, there are ten tractors delivered in total. Not only cooperatives at Mt Fletcher benefited, some as far as Matatiele have received their equipment and are already at work.


These cooperatives are a great initiative within the communities as a means of alleviating poverty. There is also an on-going training for all the funded cooperatives to ensure quality products produced and sustainability.


More cooperatives are still waiting for delivery of their equipment. We are taking our hats off to Chief Montoeli!

The University of KwaZulu-Natal coming to Mount Fletcher

University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) in collaboration with Mount Fletcher Traditional Council under the ruling arm of Chief Montoeli Tyrone Lehana is establishing a satellite campus at Mount Fletcher.  This initiative has received a very warm welcome by the communities of this area. Research to establish the need for such an institution of higher learning to exist at Mount Fletcher has been done and completed. Mount Fletcher alone is surrounded by a number of high schools but when it comes to tertiary education, our children have to travel vast distances to the nearest university. The impact of these results in parents forking out a lot of money for mere traveling even before the actual fees and accommodation is paid. Having a university right at our doorstep means even though the university will have its own accommodation, some students and adults will be attending classes while commuting from home.

Many adults in this area are studying with distant universities or colleges of some kind to improve their much-required level of education.  While they are doing that, they miss their normal duties due to transport challenges or the amount of work imposed on them by such institutions. This satellite campus will enhance growth in our economy, fight illiteracy by all means. From the ground up, we will start seeing our local contractors getting their hands busy building the required structures, this will immediately offer job opportunities to our communities fighting poverty.  Once those buildings are up and ready for occupation, further job opportunities will be offered to our local communities as a priority before looking outside this area for highly specialized fields.

This university, currently offers twenty-one disciplines, of those, a study done has already shown which ones are appropriate for this area to benefit and empower our people. Obviously, students from any part of the world are more than welcome, this facility is not exclusively for Mount Fletcher people, but priority will be given to our local students from different schools and adults with a burning desire to further their studies.

UKZN will be changing and pushing Mount Fletcher to such high levels that are much beyond what was thought of it before.